Sun Protection And What You Need To Know About UV Rays?

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December 6, 2022
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We all love to look good, right? What if you ignore getting adequate protection against sun exposure and end up burning your skin? As you know, harmful UV rays can damage your skin. If you are someone who loves spending time outdoors or working outside most of the day, it pays to get adequate protection with quality sunscreen.

Unchecked UV radiation reaching your skin can degrade the skin quality. You might experience sunburn in the initial stages. Prolonged sun exposure might wrinkle your skin, and you wouldn’t like these signs of premature aging. Under severe conditions, UV exposure can also lead to skin cancer.

How can sunscreen protect you from UV rays?

  1. Sunscreen prevents sunburns
    Sunburns can be painful as well as depredatory to your skin. To prevent your skin from these awful sunburns, it’s imperative to use good sunscreen. When you purchase sunscreen, closely check the SPF value. Sunscreens with higher SPF value give you better protection. Currently, you have products with SPF values ranging between 15 and 50 in the market. Depending on your skin type and the duration of sun exposure, you need to use the right type of sunscreen.
  2. Reduces chances of skin cancer
    Well, you might be using sunscreen to retain the glamour of your skin. In reality, sunscreen lotions and gels go a long way in reducing the chances of skin cancer. With this protective layer, your skin remains shielded against different types of skin cancer. With age, your sun exposure might increase, which makes you more susceptible to skin cancer. Using branded sunscreen can protect you from this disease.
  3. Prevents premature aging
    Maintaining healthy skin holds the secret to preventing premature aging. No wonder why beauty and fashion enthusiasts use sunscreen to keep their skins intact. The last thing you would expect is extended sun exposure causing fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, or sun spots. It can also cause dry skin and photodamage. According to studies, people using sunscreen below the age of 55 were 24% less likely to experience this type of skin damage.
  4. Prevents skin damage during the tanning
    While you love those reddish tans on your skin, did you take adequate protection against the harmful UV rays? While light tan is healthy, the harsh UVB rays of the sun can damage your skin. Therefore, you need sunscreen to prevent tanning caused by UVB. Every two hours, you need to reapply the sunscreen. Apply the lotion or gel after your exercise, as it might get washed away as you sweat.
  5. Enhances skin health
    One of the best reasons to use sunscreen is its ability to protect essential skin proteins. This includes elastin, keratin, and collagen. These proteins are necessary to maintain healthy skin. Your sunscreen should contain titanium dioxide, which reflects the UV rays back from the skin. This enables the proteins in the skin to do their work.

Considering the damage quotient of UV rays, it makes sense to use quality sunscreen. Get sunscreen while you work outdoors or enjoy your time sitting by the beach.

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