Research and Development

Vinner Labs characterises introducing newer molecules in areas of its functioning․ We take immense satisfaction in being one of the earliest to introduce functionally effective molecules in the industry․ Our efforts are backed by a strong Research & Development Team- which constantly works on new molecules and brings out targeted number each year- consistently․
Our product pipeline is driven both by customers & internal teams․
We pride ourselves to be one of the quickest in concept-to-commercialisation․
In order to offer new products consistently to the market, our efforts are progressing to tie up with likeminded institutions in India and elsewhere to partner in latest technologies-each time․
  • Strong pipeline of over 50 molecules for personal care․
  • Modern R&D Centre identified at Mallapur (Hyderabad)
  • Lab recognition by Council for Scientific Industrial Research (Govt․ of India)
  • Pilot Plant identified in the outskirts of Hyderabad
  • Plan to open discussions with several R&D s in EU․
  • Collaboration with universities and knowledge banks planned․
  • Speed to market concept․

Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants connected to us are modern and well designed to suit the requirements of the industry․ They have necessary Quality Processes and Controls on par with industry needs․ We are tied up with manufacturing plants around India and in China as well․
All manufacturing facilities have the needful quality certifications and are audit worthy․
Quality Certification Image need get relevant

Chemistry Specializations

  • Aromatic and heteroaromatic chemistry
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Reductions - catalytic, hydride and chemical
  • Nitrosation, nitration, diazotisation
  • Amination, amine and hydrazine derivatisation
  • Protection and deprotection chemistry
  • Targeted halogenation
  • Sulphonation & chlorosulphonation
  • Salt formation