Product List


Vinner Labs specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of specialty chemical products, ingredients, and supplements for a wide variety of vertical categories including
  • Health Care
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Industrial
Led by a team of industry experts and experienced professionals in each and every category of manufacturing process, we fundamentally aim to offer products of top notch efficiency and target high level customer satisfaction․

Products in Pipeline

The following are various major products that are currently in the development pipeline at Vinner Labs․
  • AA2G
  • Retinyl Lineolate
  • DHHB- UV A filter
  • Ceramides
  • Peptides- 8
  • Elubiol
  • V-Plex Blends (Scalp Care, Foot Care, Hair Care, Nail Care, Neck Care, UA Care, Split End Care, Sasorb Range)
  • 30 Pipeline molecules